ARC-MAX and ARC-YY specialize in wrought iron ornamental works. We are leading suppliers of various high quality wrought iron, galvanized iron work with hand forged.

As the mother company, ARC-YY, established in 2005 in Quebec and rapidly has become one of the top suppliers in Montreal. ARC-MAX is now based on Toronto, Ontario.

Wrought iron is most durable, altering and purposeful metal for enhancing the grace and beauty of your property. Today, true wrought iron has become more and moreraredue to the handcrafted from steel, and made it into higher value.

Our state-of-the-art wrought iron products are handcrafted highest quality and most superior craftsmanship.  Each product is custom-made, using traditional, classical and hand-forging technology. Our hot dipped galvanized coating provides superior corrosion resistance.

We are dedicated to what you need; provide personalized service with integrity to our commercial and residential customers, public projects, as well as designers, project builders and homeowners.  We offer variety of wrought iron interior and exterior handcrafted products from our artists and designers: courtyard gate, entrance and patio door, railing and fence, stair handrail, balcony and window guardrail, decorative objects and architectural components, etc.

In the world of wrought iron, you can imagine it, we can make it. We are proud to bring a country-old artistry back to life.

Wrought Iron Customized & Unique Design Products


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